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Looking for a comfy but nice dress to wear xmas day???

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movingforward2016 Wed 07-Dec-16 13:46:09

Nothing too fancy as I will be cooking, but I wanted a comfortable and nice dress to wear! Any ideas confused

What are you all wearing for xmas day? smile

ThisChristmas Wed 07-Dec-16 13:50:32

Watching with interest!

I'm contemplating my Hush ruched skirt at the moment it has plenty of room for expansion

itstheyearzero Wed 07-Dec-16 15:20:15

I'm wearing this. It's fitted but loose enough to enable me to cook easily and eat my bodyweight in turkey and roast spuds grin

Burgundy Check Double Pocket Tunic Dress

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Wed 07-Dec-16 16:30:44

this its cheap so if when ispill the gravy down it I shan't cry too much but it is suprisingly heavy velvet with a stretch to it for the xmas pud grin I love it, makes me feel all posh and girly!

AeFondCrisp Wed 07-Dec-16 17:18:05

I'm wearing this from Next with navy tights and cardi. It's nicer on than it looks in the photo (why is that so often the case?)

TobleroneBoo Wed 07-Dec-16 17:37:00

I'm wearing this, which has now gone in the sale angrydress

missyB1 Wed 07-Dec-16 17:44:39

not very glamorous but im wearing this one from Fat Face

DinosaursRoar Wed 07-Dec-16 17:50:59

I got this one from whitestuff with the black friday discount that I'm going to wear christmas day - it's very flattering and forgiving.

It's not on Whitestuff website anymore, but they have this sparkly navy number which when I saw in the shop is similar in style, but a thinner, stretchier (and sparkly) fabric.

Jmangel Wed 07-Dec-16 17:54:14

Gosh, you guys are organised! I don't know what I'm wearing to a Xmas night out on Saturday, never mind Xmas Day!
All lovely choices - think that long velvet dress will look lovely and Christmasey Stepaway - such a good price.

fruityb Wed 07-Dec-16 17:57:37

aefondcrisp I was eyeing up that exact dress the other day! I wasn't sure - would you recommend it? Is it stretchy?

DinosaursRoar Wed 07-Dec-16 17:58:22

missyB1 - I love that dress - very festive.

StepAway - that is very glamorous! We are with my lovely PILs this Christmas and it's all a bit more 'jeans and jumpers', I'm going to be slightly overdressed as it is, I just grew up with being dressed up on Christmas day and I'm not giving that up without a fight... grin

Jointhejoyrun75 Wed 07-Dec-16 18:00:23

AeFondCrisp please can you post the link for your Next dress, I love it.

onlyconnect Wed 07-Dec-16 18:00:56

stepawayfromtheecclescakes what's the sizing like in the velvet dress please? I'm a 14.

NapQueen Wed 07-Dec-16 18:01:44

itstheyearzero I have last seasons version of that and love it! It shrunk after a few washes though so I now have to wear it over leggings as I hate stuff too high up the thigh.

I may need this year's version in my life.

CurlsLDN Wed 07-Dec-16 18:02:53

I've ordered this pale grey slouchy number, if it's looks nice I'll hopefully wear with thick tights and ankle boots, or leggings and slipper boots, depending how smart or casual I feel like being on the day!,default,pd.html

AeFondCrisp Wed 07-Dec-16 18:20:32

Hope that link works. Yes it's quite stretchy and has pocket on the skirt. It's extremely comfortable. I found the 12 fitted but a little clingy in places I may not want so sized up and have gone for a more relaxed fit. I really love it.

Talisin Wed 07-Dec-16 18:20:51

I have this one in Navy. I have a grey one in the same style from a couple of years back and it's flattering and very comfortable so I could resist a sparkly version.

Rockchick1984 Wed 07-Dec-16 18:48:16

I'm channelling my inner 1950's housewife in this dress this year

MrsHughesCarson Wed 07-Dec-16 19:24:32

I love that dress Eccles
What's the length like? I'm 5ft4 size 12.

Silvertap Wed 07-Dec-16 19:30:05

Dinosaur I love that dress. What tights and shoes will you wear with it?

fruityb Wed 07-Dec-16 19:50:28

Ordered if fondcrisp but it's got a potential two week wait. Oh well it'll be here before Christmas smile

MyGastIsFlabbered Wed 07-Dec-16 20:54:18

I've just ordered this

ThisChristmas Thu 08-Dec-16 09:37:54

Wow, flabbered! Beautiful.

Some lovely dresses on this thread.

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Thu 08-Dec-16 10:44:25

onlyconnect its true to size for mine, but I am an 18 shock will look lovelier on a 14. DinosaursRoar its just family here and i dont care I am wearing it smile DH and DS's will likely be in jeans but I will rise to the occasion and show them up grin
MrsHughesCarson it is quite long, I am 5ft 4 too and its maxi almost so I have taken it up a few inches.

peachypips Thu 08-Dec-16 11:04:02

Placemarking- I really want to look nice on Christmas Day but casual nice!

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