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Help. Need to find a new hairstyle for my rubbish hair. Lost any enthusiasm

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JoyceDivision Wed 30-Nov-16 21:20:41

So, spent about 8 or 9 months growing out a crop to a chin length bob.

Had high hopes for my swishy lovely bob. Except it's not that. I forgot how shit my hair is. It's fine, fluffy and lifeless. If I shook my head it would move a tiny bit and then stay put, not swish back to where it should be, iykwim. Plus, for some reason it is flat and lifeless to my ears then it sort of fluff / grows outwards, like my hair wants to be a bell?? hmm

So, can you think of any styles I might like?

Mid 30s, casual dress, round face, minimal effort with hair


Flyingover Thu 01-Dec-16 06:36:07

Watching with interest.
I've grown mine into a chin length bob and it looks lank and stringy.
I posted on here about BBH, I'm rubbish with it but you might be more successful.

P1nkP0ppy Thu 01-Dec-16 06:46:44

I'm growing mine into a bob too and I think it depends on how well your hairdresser cuts it.
My hairdresser is great and uses Morrocanoil products that seem to sort out the limp, fluffy look beautifully.
I'm thrilled with how mine looks!

BusterGonad Thu 01-Dec-16 06:47:23

You need to focus on styles for fine hair, Kate Moss has fine hair so maybe google the mid length styles she has had. I think the secret to fine hair is to make choppy layers. I could be wrong!

phoolani Thu 01-Dec-16 11:54:11

It's all about the cut. Layers are good but not too short and not too many, and don't let anyone ever 'scissor it through' I.e thin out the ends. That way madness lies. Try and find someone who really understands fine hair, it has really made a massive difference for me.
Also I load my hair up with extraordinary oil. Instinct tells you this is a bad idea but it really swishes up my hair and does wonder for the fluffiness.

Pistachiois50pmore Thu 01-Dec-16 12:25:09

This is such a nice bob:

Momentumista Thu 01-Dec-16 14:11:07

Hmm. I have hair in a similar texture. At the risk of sounding like a knob hairdresser trying to push 'products', what stuff do you use to style it?

Things I have found which make a big difference to swishiness are:
- John Frieda frizzease serum (put in on hair when soaking wet then wrap in one of those towelling turbans from pound shop)
- Philiip Kingsley elasticizer product (put on pre wash for a couple of hours)
- cheap & cheerful deep conditioning mask (currently using a Garnier one in a pot)

Would also add that I have found if you can bear to grow a bit longer, the weight will help with 'bell shaped issues'. As will layers - but make sure you ask for them to be long and blunt cut. Avoid feathering like the plague.

JoyceDivision Thu 01-Dec-16 21:17:13

thanks everyone

Was thinking of this?

I don't think I can face going longer, there is just no life in my hair,it lies flat with no volume and it's just the fluffy fluffness of it sad

blueshoes Thu 01-Dec-16 22:23:16

I think you need strong features and good bone structure for an Anne Hathaway cut. Not sure it will suit a round face. I also think it is probably quite high maintenance to achieve that look, in terms of styling your hair and make up.

JoyceDivision Fri 02-Dec-16 01:48:31

Thanks... think it might be back to pixie

JoyceDivision Fri 02-Dec-16 02:03:23

Will the anne hathaway look more like this on me?

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Fri 02-Dec-16 03:56:11

What is extraordinary oil?

phoolani Fri 02-Dec-16 10:22:32

L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil.

BusterGonad Sat 03-Dec-16 18:13:24

That is so funny OP, will the Ann Hathaway look like this on me? I'm sure it won't, but I have no idea what you even look like! Lol. Why don't you book yourself into a decent hair dressers but mention at the time you need a consultation too to discuss a style. Take various pictures with you so the hairdresser knows what kind of style you're after and like, if they are good at their job they should know exactly what to go for based on your hair and face shape.

JoyceDivision Sat 03-Dec-16 21:11:20

Cheers Buster. My hairdresser is ace, he just knows I'm a sucker for a pixie but does dish out good advice... just having 1st world hair crises lol

JoyceDivision Sat 03-Dec-16 21:12:55

(It's not you in the pic, is it Buster?) grin

tatshark Fri 31-Mar-17 14:57:46

Having a messy bob, and styling won't take much time! Here are some cool ideas you might wanna try - . I personally rock the one from Photo No 3. Easy to style and to maintain. Happy styling!

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