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Wedding dresses - low back/backless

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goodtimesroll Tue 29-Nov-16 21:30:34

What's the most gorgeous one you've seen/had for your own wedding? I tried on one today which was stunning but was waaaay over budget. Looking for some inspiration as know I'd like this style. TIA!

Clueless1980 Wed 30-Nov-16 23:02:56

Not sure what you'll think of this but I love it!

goodtimesroll Thu 01-Dec-16 09:44:39

Wow, it's certainly different!! :-)

specialsubject Thu 01-Dec-16 12:58:38

presumably you don't need a bra?

OlennasWimple Thu 01-Dec-16 16:20:02

What else do you like? Lace? Beads? Fishtail style? Ballgown style?

(I may watch too much Say Yes to the Dress....)

OlennasWimple Thu 01-Dec-16 16:20:28

And what is your budget?

scattercushion Thu 01-Dec-16 16:24:44

I got a dressmaker to make me this Vera Wang design. As for the bra issue - a strapless, backless basque from Rigby & Peller did the trick. It was a weird garment though! (the underwear not the dress)
Vera Wang pattern

rubybleu Thu 01-Dec-16 17:16:41

There are LOADS of backless dresses, especially if you want sleeves. I got married in winter and was frustrated by this combo. Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero and Provonias had loads.

I loved Suzanne Neville Chelsea when I tried it on.

goodtimesroll Fri 02-Dec-16 11:33:25

Bra not an issue for sure, specialsubject!

Olenna, in terms of style I liked backless and tight on the waist and thighs. I think I'm more concerned about the shape/silhouette than the material although I wouldn't want too much bling and I didnt love the satin ones! The one I tried on which was amazing was almost 9k, gulp! I'd maybe go up to 4k? Although that seems ridiculous for a dress you were once!

Scatter, that's lovely, I bet you looked great. How did you find your dressmaker?

Ruby, thank you, I'll take a look at those. I'm so tempted by a winter wedding, they always look gorgeous. But I'm also impatient so we're getting married next summer! So I won't need sleeves.

goodtimesroll Fri 02-Dec-16 11:34:08


CaroleService Fri 02-Dec-16 18:13:34

If a church wedding, just check with the vicar: some won't allow strapless

goodtimesroll Fri 02-Dec-16 18:15:46

Thanks Carole, we're not getting married in a church

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