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Xmas PJ's for Toddler Boys?

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mscongeniality Tue 29-Nov-16 19:27:58

I can't seem to find nice ones anywhere! Had a look in Primark, Next, H&M so far and nothing. Literally nothing. But a million options for little girls. DS is 18 months. Why don't they make more nice stuff for baby boys? sad

MrsNuckyThompson Tue 29-Nov-16 19:29:03

If in budget check Boden and White Company.

On the high street Marks and Sparks is usually good for PJs.

TedGlen Tue 29-Nov-16 19:31:20

Sainsbury's have a good selection of Christmas clothes for boys and girls, though I didn't actually look at the pyjamas. They have 25% off all clothing at the moment too.

Kitchenaide Tue 29-Nov-16 19:39:40

As mentioned - White company have several styles and you can always get 20% off of you google.

Eminybob Tue 29-Nov-16 19:40:56

I haven't got DS's this year yet, but his last years ones were from mothercare.

Mrscog Tue 29-Nov-16 20:03:19

I know - I've been looking for brushed cotton checked EVERYWHERE and can't find any sad I prefer checked to christmas pattern as they can be used for months rather than weeks!

billybigballs Tue 29-Nov-16 20:10:42

I got them from JoJo Maman Bebe but they were pricey. The white company is good shout with the discount

scaredofthecity Tue 29-Nov-16 20:12:24

I got a lovely pair last year from John Lewis

scaredofthecity Tue 29-Nov-16 20:14:55

Something like this?

Artandco Tue 29-Nov-16 20:21:47

The little white company. They do brushed check and print




Artandco Tue 29-Nov-16 20:24:20

Also all these

NoCapes Tue 29-Nov-16 20:26:38

I got a gorgeous pair from asda, just navy too with Santa on, stripy pants with Santa on the knees - they're not checked but cheap as chips so doesn't matter that they don't get much useage, although I have seen a lot of checked in Next, surprised you haven't seen any in there

NoCapes Tue 29-Nov-16 20:27:10

Oh sorry it wasn't the soap who didn't want checked

NoCapes Tue 29-Nov-16 20:27:24


Everyonelovessparkles Tue 29-Nov-16 21:11:14

I got these from mothercare. They are really nice. They also have these and these

I find Jojo maman Bebe pjs poor quality for the price. Love the rest of their stuff, just not the pjs!

carrotcakecupcake Tue 29-Nov-16 21:14:41

I've just gotten some lovely checked (bottoms) pyjamas from m&s. Super soft tops, and the bottoms are really cosy. Not sure if they are Christmassy enough for you, but I've been really pleased with the pyjamas from m&s recently. John Lewis had some nice ones last year.

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