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Help large 22 and tall 6ft with tummy are Sahara dresses flattering or not?

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Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 12:58:58

I am a young at heart 50 plus 6ft tall and size 22. I am after a dress that minimises, looks good and feels comfortable for this weekend.
I have just ordered a Sahara dress in a bold colourful print. It arrived yesterday and I tried it on and felt very pleased with it. It was more money than I usually pay even with the 30% off. I then tried it on for my husband later who was very focused on the unusual cut which he found strange and commented that he thought it maybe emphasised my tummy rather than minimised it and he's now knocked me off it. Please could anyone who has tried one on, who is tall and plus sized advise whether they flatter or minimise? I have checked LTS and all the styles seem very fitted/figure hugging. Or does anyone know where I can purchase a go anywhere dress in my size that I can dress up or down that looks and feels good and also minimises. Thanks

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 29-Nov-16 13:02:37

Can you link to the dress?

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 13:15:28

Ok here goes sunglasses at the ready it is loud. ROLLOVER IMAGE TO ZOOMVIEW LARGER IMAGE

Sahara Painter's Palette Print Dress

I was thinking plain bright scarf or a plain coloured statement necklace

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 13:17:29

This might work better

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 29-Nov-16 13:35:00

Oh I like that! Hope you were intending on wearing something under it though, it'd be rather short!

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 13:43:55

Sorry Felicity think I have maybe linked to the top in the same fabric. The dress is kness length? What do you think of the cut minimising or maximising?

NarcsBegone Tue 29-Nov-16 13:46:56

Lovely top but not a dress. I would imagine it would take the eye away from the tummy area but it depends how it hangs on you. It would look awful on me but I have massive boobs and it would just hang from them and not look good. Have you tried simply be? I have a really bright dress from there that totally hides the belly but shows cleavage too although it was a while ago that I got it but still worth looking on there as they have a sale on.

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 13:54:56 Correct link. I will try Simply be but length often isn't right with being tall thanks

DoItTooJulia Tue 29-Nov-16 14:02:32

It's much better as a dress!

I'm a similar size-6 ft and size 18-22 depending on the shop/my mood!

I've bought a fabulous oversize dress from Sainsbury's of all places-cheap too! For more expensive pieces I like OSKA. And I get the odd thing from sea salt. I've never bought anything from Cos but I'd love to. All worth checking out.

DoItTooJulia Tue 29-Nov-16 14:12:19

Look at this Sainsbury's dress that's £13.50! you'd have to check the length, but it looks flattering for the tummy area.

DoItTooJulia Tue 29-Nov-16 14:15:43

And these are the OSKA dresses

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 14:19:04

Thanks Julia the Sainsbury's dress is nice and simple if I was younger and slimmer but being tall and big and at 51 I wouldn't be comfortable in such a short dress. I will check out your other recommendations.

frankblackswife Tue 29-Nov-16 14:20:17

I bought this dress recently which seems to be a similar shape/style,default,pd.html&_$ja=tsid:91443%7Ccid:706309872%7Cagid:36348740786%7Ctid:aud-131079952360:pla-269934474890%7Ccrid:162596990049%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:10796038770647289639%7Cdvc:t%7Cadp:1o2%7Cmt:

(more than I would usually spend on a dress) it doesn't look much in the picture but it is gorgeous on - I had people commenting all night which, believe me, it not anywhere near normal for me.
I also bought the black velvet coat and it is awesome -one of the best things I've ever bought.
A lot of the stuff I would never wear but these two pieces I love.
I wear the dress with black opaque a and black funky ankle boots and a statement necklace (pewter). It goes perfect with the black coat.

Bluntness100 Tue 29-Nov-16 14:28:45

Can I just say that normally a dress that loud is very eye catching, more look at me type of thing.

Unless you post a pic of it on, maybe with the head out of view, then it's hard for people to see if it draws attention to the tummy area or not.

Maybe uou could take a photo like that , or otherwise i think you need to go with what your husband says, as he has seen it on. Sometimes we ask for our husbands opinions then think he's talking crap. I tend to ask my daughter before my hubby, 😂

HeCantBeSerious Tue 29-Nov-16 15:01:12

I think I agree with your husband. That model doesn't have a tummy but looks like she does in that dress. Sorry OP.

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 15:02:46

Bluntness thank you I was attracted to the bright colours which I have always loved but since gaining so much weight due to ill health and a more sedate lifestyle I am normally covered up from head to foot in black or navy.
I thought the print of the dress might catch the eye rather than the body beneath it. I look and feel bigger than I am happy with in all my clothes so I don't look slim on a photograph in anything.

Brighteyes27 Tue 29-Nov-16 15:06:07

Thanks I'll repackage it and send it back. Frank Blacks wife that looks a nice dress but I don't think it would flatter my middle.

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