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bra intervention team; what to do when pregnant??

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Imstickingwiththisone Tue 29-Nov-16 12:27:26

Ive just measured myself and im 33 under bust and 41 on the bust. So ive worked that out as a 34ff is this right??

Im 33 weeks pregnant and am only just buying a new bra. Ive been living in those comfy stretch ones that cover almost your entire torso grin

I was going to buy a maternity / nursing bra as I hope to breastfeed and thought this could be my nice bra for the odd occasion I actually leave the house and at home I could continue with my giant stretchy bras. Are my measurements likely to change much after the birth? If so I don't want to shell out 35 quid on one bra...

Your measurements are likely to change. Most woman go down in the band - removal of small person from ribcage - and up in the cup due to arrival of milk

Pistachiois50pmore Tue 29-Nov-16 14:05:46

I went to Bravissimo at about 16 weeks pregnant and they said the important thing was to leave yourself plenty of room in the cup. You can still wear underwires as long as the bra is properly fitted but they need to be well clear of the breast tissue. For me, this meant erring on the larger back size and going up two cup sizes. A too big cup is more supportive than a too small cup. I bought two £35ish bras and just alternated them through my pregnancy and it felt like money well spent.

Imstickingwiththisone Tue 29-Nov-16 14:14:07

Ah thank you. I ordered the 34ff for now and will see how it fits. I have 7 weeks left at this size anyhow.

leedy Tue 29-Nov-16 16:22:21

Definitely don't go mad on stuff thinking you'll wear it as a nursing bra after the birth - my ribcage expanded massively in pregnancy (I was like Michael Phelps with shorter arms) the first time round and then went down almost as dramatically. Also if you're BF your cup size may fluctuate quite a bit in the first few weeks. I was something like a 38C in late pregnancy and ended up a 32E.

I actually found the stretchy Mothercare cross-over crop top things were pretty supportive for the first few weeks after babies were born, then treated myself to something nice once my size settled. Anita nursing underwire bras are THE BOMB.

Lweji Tue 29-Nov-16 16:25:48

I'd agree the cup is the most important, and it can easily go up two or more sizes.
If you find the band becomes too tight, you can buy extenders. It's actually easier and works better than taking it in.

Softkitty2 Tue 29-Nov-16 16:38:26

I gave birth 8 months ago and bought nursing bras from m&s 30+ weeks on pregnancy, I chose a size thinking i have left enough 'give' to accomodate nursing breasts. Nope. As soon as I established nursing I had to buy new ones because the cup size has obviously changed and I was so uncomfortable in terms of when I had the pre birth bras on at night my boobs would literally pop out.

Imstickingwiththisone Tue 29-Nov-16 22:38:25

Argh I might just try it on as my first intervention bra and return it then. I don't update my bras enough so I don't want to spend so much on one bra that will last less than 2 months. Excited to try it on though grin

KatharinaRosalie Wed 30-Nov-16 10:22:59

I think I went through at least half a dozen different sizes when pregnant, and another half dozen when breastfeeding. It's very unlikely you can use the same bra.

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