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Pyjamas for 13 year old boy - shorts and short sleeves

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OvertiredandConfused Mon 28-Nov-16 23:38:21

I can't find new PJs for my son anywhere. He's just too small for men's (even XS). He won't wear long legs or arms. M&S have one pair. Nothing in Next, H&M, Boden.

Any ideas?

marriednotdead Tue 29-Nov-16 00:03:21

Are you looking online? Short pjs are usually only in shops during the summer. I'd look on eBay and Amazon too.

SantasPantsalive Tue 29-Nov-16 00:35:55

Skulls from Very
Star Wars on Amazon

happymumof4crazykids Tue 29-Nov-16 01:42:56

Sports direct? I get my boys pjs from there they are usually pretty good. Also look for a matalan clearance store they are always a season behind whatever time of year it is so will have plenty of shorts/tshirt pjs I would think.

LadyCatherinesshades Tue 29-Nov-16 07:57:27

Mine just wears boxers and a tshirt

JC23 Tue 29-Nov-16 08:08:31

My 10 year old has some from lidl. Not sure what size they go up to though sorry.

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