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Black knickers for a 12 year old - do they exist?

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Titsywoo Mon 28-Nov-16 21:07:12

Googling and I can't really find anything apart from one pair in a pack where the rest is white with patterns. Dd started her periods and really wants to wear black knickers during in case of leakage. If anyone has seen any please let me know. Thank you!

IlsaLund Mon 28-Nov-16 21:08:33

What about sloggi knickers - they do packs that come in all black. I'm not sure if they do children's sizes but would small adult work?
They are my go to period pants!

MsVanRein Mon 28-Nov-16 21:10:07

Small adult sizes? You can get the likes of a full brief might work.

NicknameUsed Mon 28-Nov-16 21:10:35


madgingermunchkin Mon 28-Nov-16 21:11:02

Tesco or Sainsbury's

ElizaSchuyler Mon 28-Nov-16 21:11:10

Primark sizes 6-8 are about the right size for a 12 year old.

Nottalotta Mon 28-Nov-16 21:11:34

M and s in a small size?

Mablethorpe Mon 28-Nov-16 21:11:35

We get DDs from Primark, pack of 5 bikinis in size 6-8 works well.

ceeveebee Mon 28-Nov-16 21:12:15

I'd try H&M as they do lots of children's basics in black

dementedpixie Mon 28-Nov-16 21:14:02

I got Dd ladies ones in size 8 from Tesco. She is 13

DarkBlueEyes Mon 28-Nov-16 21:14:54

Gap. I've got so me for dd and she loved them.

SeaweedSa1ad Mon 28-Nov-16 21:16:09

M&S in teen sizes is what I bought for exactly this situation.

Upanddownroundandround Mon 28-Nov-16 21:18:45

DD has size 8 ones from Tesco and Sainsburys. Tesco were slightly better fit. I think we went for Mini style rather than full brief.

Yamadori Mon 28-Nov-16 21:20:52

Matalan did them about 5 years ago when dd was at that age, haven't looked since, but they probably still do.

TheProf Mon 28-Nov-16 21:23:01

Primark size 6-8 fit my 12 year old. Tesco seamless ones are good too.

millmoo Sun 04-Dec-16 14:28:37

I bought some period knickers for my dd
I got them from amazon -they have an absorbent lining in them to prevent any accidents .
My dd wears black knickers (she's a size 6 so I just get them in primark ) she also where's a sanitary towel but then puts these absorbent knickers on over the top of her knickers

ZaZathecat Sun 04-Dec-16 21:28:12

Primark women's shorts come in black and small sizes available. My dd likes them.

WetNovemberDay Sun 04-Dec-16 21:30:32

Another primark size 6 to 8 packs. You can get all plain black.

CointreauVersial Sun 04-Dec-16 22:00:07

M&S do multipacks, starting in a Size 6.

SunflowersAndTulips Sun 04-Dec-16 22:01:03

These knickers are brilliant. My dd wouldn't be without them.

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