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Matching onesies and PJs...

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drspouse Mon 28-Nov-16 12:17:55

ComPLETE first world problem but...

DD (2) really needs to wear onesies in bed and they really need to be footless and not hooded as sometimes she has to wear them backwards (she removes any other clothing in bed).

DS (4) wears PJ separates as he can't manage a onesie in the loo.

And I would LOVE to get them matching Christmas or even slightly festive or wintery (polar bears? penguins? snowflakes? reindeer) PJs. They don't have to match exactly - if they both have vaguely similar polar bears that's fine. And unless it's really pink or frilly then either boys' or girls' is probably fine too.


Boden had some polar bear PJs and onesies but they don't do onesies in 2-3y (they do them in 18-24 and 3-4 - madness!)

I was considering heart print from Polarn o Pyret but I would like to try and find something a little bit more obviously Christmassy.

I actually quite often make stuff for them and had bought some fabric but my sewing stuff is covered in dustsheets at the moment!

ChickyDuck Mon 28-Nov-16 12:39:24

One of the boden sizes should be ok...look at their sizing charts? It would be weird to do a 2-3 as well, because then they would have;
18 months-2 years
So there would be overlap. That is how sizing normally works e.g. 12-14, 16-18.

drspouse Mon 28-Nov-16 13:10:08

They have every other size though - they have 18-24, then they have 3y (it's 3y not 3-4), 4y, 5y etc. etc, not pairs of ages as you say. So there is a missing gap. I have emailed them. They admit there is a missing size.

She's got one or two Boden 18-24 that she's JUST squeezing into and have gaps at the bottom of the legs, but anything hand me down from her brother in 3y is waving around at the ends of the arms and legs. I'd rather she didn't wear it once and grow out of it straight away.

drspouse Mon 28-Nov-16 13:14:18

(Also, they only have two choices in the baby sizes for Christmas rompers - one is a woven fabric that will come up even smaller and the other is knitted like a jumper which would be lovely for lounging around the house but probably a bit warm for under a duvet).

SantasPantsalive Mon 28-Nov-16 14:36:04

Have you tried John Lewis or Matalan? They both usually have good Christmas nightwear.

SantasPantsalive Mon 28-Nov-16 14:43:08

Gap has a snowman range but the snowmen with teeth are a little strange!

drspouse Mon 28-Nov-16 16:05:09

They are a little odd! Though they do technically fit the bill.

JL have cute Arctic Animals pyjama/onesies that might do, annoyingly the pyjamas are available in pink/red while the onesies are available in blue with a pink trim but I might get away with pink PJ bottoms for DS (he's not that fussy). Not much at Matalan (mainly fluffy with hoods, or character and not at all Christmassy).

So far it's between "odd snowmen with teeth" and "not quite matching arctic animals with pink PJ bottoms"

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