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Thermal Trainer Sock/Shoe Liners - do they exist?

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Five2ate Mon 28-Nov-16 09:18:41

My left foot is frozen. I'm wearing a trouser ensemble that means I cannot just wear normal socks so I'm wearing knee high tights and a pair of shoes. I need some kind of sock to keep my feet (foot) warm. Normal ankle socks look daft and the current 'normal' trainer sock is not cutting it.

Is there such a thing as a thermal trainer sock (so, a sock you can't see) and if so where can I get them?

Whatever my right foot is doing my left foot needs to take note #weirdfeet

Rustythedog Mon 28-Nov-16 10:40:38

Apparently there are ugg liners available. I haven't searched for them yet but they sound great if you have enough room in your shoes?

Five2ate Mon 28-Nov-16 14:33:08

Fuck me they look brilliant. No idea if they would fit in my shoe, a mannish type so possibly if I size down. Insoles never occurred to me, I think I will have a seach and see what turns up, might be some that are narrower. Thanks smile

hollieberrie Mon 28-Nov-16 17:28:41

Yes! I just got some off eBay the other day. Really needed some as feet are bloody freezing. Just search for Thermal Trainer Socks.
They are a little thin but fine, i wear them over tights for an extra warm layer in my ankle boots.

Five2ate Mon 28-Nov-16 18:31:16

Just ordered some non Ugg branded ones, REALLY excited grin

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