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Need some new lingerie that's beautiful but not expensive

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FirstOfHerName Sun 27-Nov-16 20:34:26

Any suggestions? I'm talking less than £20 for a bra and under £10 for pants. So Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur are out. And I'm a 32DD which means brands like H&M and the discounted stuff at TK Maxx are out. I do like a bit of padding in a bra but not so much that it's false advertising and when it comes to pants I don't do thongs or those Brazilian briefs which look like they'd permanently be riding up your arse!

user1471549018 Sun 27-Nov-16 21:18:15

M&S? I love their lingerie blush

MinisWin Sun 27-Nov-16 21:49:48

Have a look on ASOS

Leatherboundanddown Sun 27-Nov-16 21:52:55

Have you tried figleaves outlet or brastop?

Also look on ebay for gossard or freya past season sets for cheap.

thereinmadnesslies Sun 27-Nov-16 21:54:13

Try eBay for brands like panache cleo, pour moi, Freya. There will be loads of BNWT last season stuff in budget

dottyaboutstripes Sun 27-Nov-16 22:02:54

Have a look at Leia online

CantChoose Sun 27-Nov-16 23:06:54

M&S Rosie range is around that price point and feels luxurious compared to their other stuff xx

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Sun 27-Nov-16 23:10:57

Try Other Stories.
They have some beautiful stuff.

BagelGoesWalking Mon 28-Nov-16 01:46:04

My DD just recently got some new bras from Pink and says they're the best ones she ever had! She got the Lightly Lined but there are various styles available. (She bought her first two in Westfield and says the assistant there was extremely helpful at fitting her with the right ones).

Just checked the website and sizes go up to 36 DD. They have a deal - 2 bras for £36. She also got pants which are 5 for £25 at the moment.

OlennasWimple Mon 28-Nov-16 02:02:33

Same size as you and I''ve found some great stuff in TK MAxx (including a few years back Stella McCartney for about the price you mention)

MrsApplepants Tue 29-Nov-16 15:10:44

Boux Avenue have a good selection, not expensive either

newlabelwriter Tue 29-Nov-16 15:13:43

Second AndOtherStories - their underwear is amazing.

Twogoats Tue 29-Nov-16 15:20:01


leedy Tue 29-Nov-16 16:09:06

AndOtherStories looks gorgeous but seem to only go up to a C cup. sad

Second the lingerie outlet sellers on Ebay, you can get some great bargains.

purplefizz26 Tue 29-Nov-16 16:11:35

Some lovely see through lacy knickers and thongs, it's not all plain cotton stuff, bras about £8 too! I have lots that have lasted ages.

margaritasbythesea Tue 29-Nov-16 19:21:37

Panache have a great outlet site called My Curves and Me. Really cheap.

Branleuse Tue 29-Nov-16 19:23:35


BadToTheBone Tue 29-Nov-16 19:30:39

I've just bought some from Sainsbury's, they're really lovely.

hollinhurst84 Wed 30-Nov-16 00:33:55

Some of these are above budget but a few within and are gorgeous!

leedy Wed 30-Nov-16 14:12:32

Figleaves have a sale on at the moment so there are loads of nice brands down to somewhere around your price range.

FirstOfHerName Thu 01-Dec-16 11:26:43

Thanks for the suggestions all. I've found some lovely Heidi Klum bras on eBay but was wondering about sizing. I'm a 32DD but sometimes the band on those can be very snug indeed. I think the Heidi bras used to be Elle MacPherson ones, and back when I was a 34D I had a few but had to buy 36C for the band to not dig into me. Is that still the case with them?

leedy Thu 01-Dec-16 12:35:48

I have a couple of Heidi bras and find them pretty true to size - I'm a 32DD in Cleo, Mimi Holliday, Freya, Scantilly, M&S Rosie and the Heidi 32DDs are grand. Tried a 34 on in the shop once and the band was swimming on me.

Stella McCartney (should you find any eBay bargains) is REALLY tight in the band, though, I have to go for a 34D in those.

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