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Fallen in love with a jacket how to find it

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TheHouseOfIllRepute Sun 27-Nov-16 20:15:14

I was driving so couldn't stop. I really wanted to photograph the woman wearing it but didn't have time
Hooded coat/long jacket. Lined with cream pale blue outside
I nearly described it as fleece but not naff. It was more of a vintage look wool but not real wool I don't think

TheHouseOfIllRepute Sun 27-Nov-16 20:29:59

It could have been faux shearling but pale blue

TheHouseOfIllRepute Sun 27-Nov-16 20:36:26

And more textured on the outer

Paris1986 Sun 27-Nov-16 20:39:37

This? they have a paler blue one too, also Hutton.

Though your description sounds more like a jacket and this is more cardigan-y...

PNGirl Sun 27-Nov-16 20:40:37

Like this? Apparently it's from Zara but from last winter.

TheHouseOfIllRepute Sun 27-Nov-16 20:58:07

It was more like the Zara one but not the lapels
I like the Zara pity it was lady year. I may have to stalk the village she was walking through!

witsender Sun 27-Nov-16 20:58:24

White stuff has a grey one I thinj

witsender Sun 27-Nov-16 21:00:27

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