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Long Lasting Blusher Suggestions

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Julygal Sun 27-Nov-16 16:08:08

Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions for long lasting blusher please.

I use a primer, liquid foundation and powder and then blusher on top and fix my make up with body shop vitamin e face mist, but I am finding that my blusher disappears after a couple of hours and don't want to have to reapply throughout the day if possible.

I use powder blusher, either No7 or bourjois as I'm not that confident of applying a cream blusher correctly. I'm happy to pay a premium price for something long lasting if anybody can advise.


Gillybobs Sun 27-Nov-16 16:30:47

Bobbi brown is by far the highest pigmented blusher I've ever tried and I've tried dozens.

Julygal Sun 27-Nov-16 20:51:06

Thanks Gillybobs, I'll try Bobbi Brown.

Colby43443 Sun 27-Nov-16 23:48:18

Mac for me. Nyx is also a very good 'budget' option

Cakescakescakes Sun 27-Nov-16 23:54:23

I find No 7 blusher has terrible staying power so most things will probably be an improvement. Watching with interest though!

Nancy222 Mon 28-Nov-16 10:56:16

I like the Balm Instain blushes. I use Houndstooth.

Lottapianos Mon 28-Nov-16 11:38:00

Sleek blushers are great. Also Stila Convertible Colour cream blushes

clairethewitch70 Mon 28-Nov-16 11:41:04

Try putting the powder on over foundation, but under powder. The powder will help to set it. I prefer solid cream brushes, my current one being Model co. It stays well.

clairethewitch70 Mon 28-Nov-16 11:42:29

*blusher on over foundation, but under powder

sammy891 Mon 28-Nov-16 11:45:42

Nars are very good as well. Layering a cream and powder blush makes it last longer.

MooMinCow Mon 28-Nov-16 20:31:17

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blushes-super long lasting (but not easiest to get hold of unfortunately)

LadyOfTheCanyon Mon 28-Nov-16 21:36:37

It may be worth practising with a cream blusher as I find that they really do stay longer than powder ones. I use a Bobbi brown, or a stila. Or Lipstick Queen's ' Honest politician' which seems to suit everyone. All really good. I also use a powder blusher ( usually Nars Orgasm) over the top for a double whammy and a bit of shimmer.

Scotslasslivinginfrance Mon 28-Nov-16 21:40:23

Nars and Becca are great, really pigmented, so you need less and flattering shades. I find Nars last for ages so well worth the initial investment however the shade names are rather risqué. Currently sporting some deep throat for my every day and orgasm but only on the weekend wink

Julygal Wed 30-Nov-16 13:06:23

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'm am a long time lurker, but infrequent poster so forgot to check for any replies blush. Think I'll have a trip to Selfridges for a browse, and definitely some tips to try here too.

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