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Boys Sherpa hoodie

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RosesShouldBeInTins Sun 27-Nov-16 15:12:29

Please does anyone know where I could get a boys Sherpa hoodie (age 12)? The difficulty I'm having is that it needs to be an over the head one, not one with a zip. I can't find one, but surely they must exist??
Thank you!

QueenofLouisiana Sun 27-Nov-16 16:17:25

Fatface have an over the head fluffy fleece if that is the sort of thing you want?

NoLongerShopalot Sun 27-Nov-16 19:08:41

Uniqlo have them. Excellent value and very cosy.

RosesShouldBeInTins Sun 27-Nov-16 22:54:54

Thanks - the FatFace one is gorgeous but not quite the sort of thing I mean, I just want the fluffy bit inside around the hood.

I got excited about Uniqlo but can't see a non zipped one there....can you point me in the right direction, NoLonger?

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