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Stylish (non-maternity) breastfeeding clothes

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MaudGonneMad Sun 27-Nov-16 10:11:37

Hi there

I had my first baby a couple of weeks ago, and am fortunate enough to have lost my pregnancy weight already (my tummy needs to be flattened but that's another story...).

All the breastfeeding clothes I've found online or in store seem to be maternity clothes with a bf function, which aren't quite right for me anymore.

Anyone have any ideas of where to find non-maternity breastfeeding clothes? Especially dresses, with an eye to Xmas coming up.

Thanks! flowers

PotteringAlong Sun 27-Nov-16 10:15:34

Just wear normal clothes and rearrange them; you don't need special breastfeeding clothes. Vest top under a top, lift one top up, pull vest top down.

Dresses are harder, but normal wrap dresses work well.

MaudGonneMad Sun 27-Nov-16 10:30:40

Good point about the tops. But I suppose that then implies that the outer top would need to be loose enough to be pulled up. I shall have to reexamine my wardrobe.

I always find wrap dresses a bit, well, frumpy. Any stylish ones that will make me reconsider?

PrimeraVez Sun 27-Nov-16 11:47:28

To be honest, I've just adapted my current wardobe - so lots of button down tops, or low necklines that I can lift a boob out the top of. Otherwise, I echo the one top up, one top down method - so for example a jumper which you lift up and a vest top/cami underneath that you can pull down.

I wouldn't have thought that there's really much of a market for breastfeeding clothes in particular as the actual amount of time that you would really need them for is quite limited. My breastfed DS is 8 months and now he's eating solids and drinking water from a cup, it's pretty rare that I have to breastfeed whilst I'm out of the house.

I don't use FB but apparently somewhere on Facebook there's a group called Can I Breastfeed In This or similar, where women are encouraged to share things they find in the shops that are bf friendly.

AntiHop Sun 27-Nov-16 11:58:59

When I had dd I bought some expensive bf clothes from a couple of catalogue shops. I shouldn't have bothered! I read great advice on here about just getting a bf vest which you can get from h and m. It unclips like a bf bra. Just wear it under any top.

This method doesn't work if you want to wear a dress though.

I recommend bf friendly nightdresses as it's easier to keep warm at night. Got mine from mothercare and primark. The latter was actually a maternity nightie but has buttons on the chest area.

Kessie1984 Thu 23-Feb-17 22:08:27

I've been thinking about this.....I think maybe wrap tops are the answer! I've been looking at nice ballerina style ones like this.¤cyid=1&ppcadref=236391861|14762090661|pla-41477300408&gclid=CjwKEAiArbrFBRDL4Oiz97GP2nISJAAmJMFa2SRRp_eEBctWTHj9MGUhWj0vQ0W4vDyFSq42JLSYCRoCLHbw_wcB

TheUnseenAcademic Thu 23-Feb-17 22:33:12

I quite like the Frugi nursing dresses and tunics and they wash and tumble dry brilliantly. Vertbaudet does some nursing 'before and after' stuff too. Mostly I look for normal clothes with necklines that can be yanked down though- it's amazing how many can!

TheUnseenAcademic Thu 23-Feb-17 22:34:12

Oh and for nightwear I use M&S thermal tops- big scoopy necklines to pull down and really good at keeping you warm!

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