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Nice Cardigan with Pockets in Mustard/Blk/Grey/Olive/Blue

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pinkskyinthecity Sun 27-Nov-16 08:26:18 - I like this but is it any good?

My limit's about £60 and want to invest in one that won't pill, get hole-y too quickly and keeps its shape. Currently, I buy from Uniqlo - the fine, merino knit

but as it's rather thin, I don't think it'll last.

Can anyone recommened anything?

FleshEmoji Sun 27-Nov-16 09:00:03

I found this 100% cotton one for 30 quid, though I like yours better. I agree with you on merino for lack of pilling, and cotton would be fine too.

This is a long one in 55-% cotton -

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