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Semi permanent make-up london

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Cazz81 Sun 27-Nov-16 03:20:58

I'm looking for personal recommendation for semi perm makeup to be precise eyebrows in London. Anyone had it done and happy with the result? Thanks

DianaT1969 Sun 27-Nov-16 06:11:13

Yes, at Natural Enhancement Chiswick.
Be prepared for them looking too dark and shiny afterwards (balm). Do it before a week off work if you can. Wear a baseball cap. But after around 2 weeks the balm isn't needed and the surplus dye disappears. They look strong and symmetrical. Best beauty thing I ever did.
Mine are 3.5 years old now. Still good.

Cazz81 Mon 28-Nov-16 17:27:12

Thank you Diana. Can I ask what you had done? Is it the strokes hair effect or ombré style ? Did it hurt ?

Oblomov16 Mon 28-Nov-16 20:37:21

Are you having yours done because your eyebrows have been overplucked? Or for a different reason?

DianaT1969 Mon 28-Nov-16 20:53:50

I had individual hairs. It is uncomfortable - as if someone is dragging a needle across the skin - which they are. But not so painful. One of my brows was a bit patchy. Both tapered poorly. I was tired of using brow pencil. I would suggest you request a pre consultation and look through their case studies before deciding.

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