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Mission: post partum Christmas dress

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Cococrumble Sat 26-Nov-16 12:20:34

Hello, just wondering if you lovely lot could help me out. I'm due to be induced next week (unhelpful baby has decided they're staying put) and I'm trying to find a suitable dress that will see me though a few events I have in December.

I'm five foot six and I think once baby arrives I'm going to be a size 12/14ish. I really want something that will cover up the post pregnancy pouch, and that I can wear with maternity leggings still (my security blanket), and that is comfy for recovery while still giving me a bit of confidence that I look decentish!

Has to be suitable for a smart casual charity lunch, a carol service, whole extended family photo session, a lunch out, and Christmas Day.

I need to be able to order it online and I'm looking to spend a maximum of 80-100 pounds for the perfect dress.

Please help! grin

ElspethFlashman Sat 26-Nov-16 12:26:23

A shift dress with a dark pattern is usually the most forgiving. Though useless for breastfeeding.

Jemimapuddingduck Sat 26-Nov-16 12:33:16

I'd say don't spend that much money so soon after you'll be all kinds of funny shapes where you never were before can you re-wear one of your maternity dresses?

Or seperates if you really want/need something new what I've found and a lot of my friends is I'm no longer in proportion so dresses are a no but skirt and top work better

Cococrumble Sat 26-Nov-16 13:53:24

Good idea about the separates and a shift shape dress!

My maternity dresses are both charcoal grey jersey so not very festive, and to be honest I've worn them so much I'm sick of looking at them! Will happily dance around a maternity clothing bonfire right now grin

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