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Best high St primer please?

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taptonaria27 Sat 26-Nov-16 10:24:03

I'm off into town this afternoon we have Boots and John Lewis, Dan anyone recommend me a good preferably illuminating primer please? The last one took me over a year to use up so I don't mind spending a bit

NanTheWiser Sat 26-Nov-16 17:26:07

Probably too late for you now, but I recently bought Revlon's Photoready primer, and I'm really impressed! I've used the Barbara Daly one from Tesco's for years, which now seems to have been discontinued, but the Revlon one is so much better. It does have an illuminating effect, but holds my mineral powder foundation in place all day without budging. As I'm no spring chicken (nearly 70!), anything that makes me look good is a real bonus.

ShiteBags Sat 26-Nov-16 18:30:40

Watching with interest.

Best one is Benefit Porefessional but I think it's overpriced for a tiny tube. It is brilliant though.

mizu Sat 26-Nov-16 18:49:45

The Revlon photo ready one is good. Although I've never used one before so I can't really compare grin

ThisPasadenaHomemaker Sat 26-Nov-16 18:53:15

Porefessional is a silicone based mattifying primer, the opposite of illuminating.

My favourite affordable illuminating primer is the L'oreal Lumi Magique in the white tube. It's incredibly similar to MAC Strobe Cream and makes your skin look really glowy and fresh.

The new primer by Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder looks magical but costs nearly the same as a house.

I ignored the illuminating bit.

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