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Can anyone recommend a good quality leather satchel for men?

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Cellardoor23 Thu 24-Nov-16 20:09:16

Just that really. I'm wanting to get one for my DP this Christmas, preferably in a light brown colour. I've had a look online but there's so many!

Budget about £200

Any help will be appreciated!

PinkiePiesCupcakes Thu 24-Nov-16 20:14:09

Ted Baker has a nice one right now, its only £60ish but looks nice. Hang on I'll get Linky mclinker.

PinkiePiesCupcakes Thu 24-Nov-16 20:17:14

Cellardoor23 Thu 24-Nov-16 20:28:32

Thanks for the link smile That's a really nice bag!

FannyFifer Thu 24-Nov-16 20:31:05

Think Barbour have some nice ones.

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