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Opaque coloured tights

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Redorwhitejusthaveboth Wed 23-Nov-16 21:56:26

I'm wearing a black knee length dress, with black stiletto heel ankle boots to a winter wedding ( weekend before xmas)... I want to wear coloured opaque tights but can't work out how to choose which colour - I don't want it to look too Christmassy- but st the same time I'd like to look fitting for the time of year!
How do I pull it all together without it being twee and matchy?
I'm considering that everything is black except the tights and they should be a bright pop of colour...
All ideas and suggestions welcome!

PurpleDaisies Wed 23-Nov-16 21:58:26

I often wear dark purple tights. It's a good colour because it's not really in your face.

Greenteandchives Wed 23-Nov-16 22:03:27

PurpleDasies is right. Purple tights work well with black. I have some lovely ones from White Stuff, but they may be a bit woolly for a wedding.

OpheIiaBaIIs Wed 23-Nov-16 22:06:02

Burgundy looks rich and festive, without being obviously Christmassy. I wear them a lot with black at this time of year.

MsMarvel Wed 23-Nov-16 22:08:28

I came on here to suggest a purple plum/burgundy colour but PPs have got there first! Last time I bought some I think I picked them up in H&M.

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