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I'm ghostly white - but want to be sun-kissed.

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MyDogIsNicerThanYourDog Wed 23-Nov-16 10:11:03

Any advice please for an easy to use facial self tanner. I don't want to look like The Donald, just healthy and lightly sun-kissed. Needs to be easy - I am fairly useless at make up. Thanks.

AnnieMated1 Wed 23-Nov-16 10:13:06

Lancome flash bronzer gel is the absolute best, bar none!!! It leaves your skin soft and so well nourished, as well as with a really lovely natural tanned glow. Bit ££ yes, but lasts for ages smile

LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 23-Nov-16 10:57:11

James Read express tan is very good, they do it in M&S.

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