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Work Crimbo party -postpartum outfit advice please ladies!

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StrawberryShortcake32 Tue 22-Nov-16 18:04:06

Hey ladies (and also maybe gentlemen) all advice would be appreciated. My gorgeous little boy is 6 weeks old and I have a work party in 2 weeks time. None of my pre pregnancy clothes fit me yet. I'm going to either have to buy a new outfit or turn up in my maternity leggings confused

I'm extremely concerned I'm going to look like a beached whale as I've gone up a dress size since pre pregnancy and I'd like some outfit ideas that will make me feel fab yet very sexy and disguise my wobbly tummy and bingo wings!
I'm not really a dress person but I've been known to wear them.I'm. 5ft 10 and now a size 14.

Any advice would be appreciated. First night out since the birth of little one and it would be nice to feel a bit more like myself.

Thank you in advance for any advice you have for me

LadyBundleBrent Tue 22-Nov-16 20:42:57

Hi! I'm in a similar position to you - 12 week old baby, a stone heavier than normal and a size bigger (currently a 12 at 5'8"). I have two weddings, two parties and a hen do in the next few weeks! I'm wearing this:

Had the sleeves taken up to 3/4 length and I feel very elegant in it! It is also not too expensive as I'd rather spend a bit more once I've lost the weight. I also have to pump in it so the wrap is handy (and can wear a sturdy bra!). Despite this I feel very glam for the first time in ages in it with bronze pointy toe stilettos and similar toned eye makeup...

LadyBundleBrent Tue 22-Nov-16 20:43:24

And congratulations on your baby!

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