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Shoes/ boots for this dress please?

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DarcyTruffle Tue 22-Nov-16 16:52:21

I'm dithering over keeping this dress. It's a good fit but I'm not sure. (in green)

Pros - good fit, cheap (got discount), washes, doesn't crease.
Cons - not very warm, no footwear to wear.

I have 2 pairs of knee length riding style boots (black) and one pair of dressy kitten heel knee length boots. I have no shoes to match. I have one pair of ankle boots that look odd imo as I have slim legs and ankles.

It's the kind of thing I might wear for a casual meal out but in the cold weather I'd want a winter coat over it and sturdy footwear for walking to restaurant.

Any ideas? Keep or not?

I really like the look of that. Would wear it with black or brown knee length boots, or heeled ankle boots, or even Chelsea boots for casual. Winter coat really not a problem, as you'll just take it off.

burnishedsilver Tue 22-Nov-16 19:26:53

Oooh, I like that.
Navy tights and navy ankle boots, like these from Boden.

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