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Underwear help please!

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PosiePootlePerkins Tue 22-Nov-16 14:22:15

S&B gurus I need your help please. I am a size 14 and will be wearing this dress
To an awards evening for my husband's work. I need underwear that will smooth out all my lumps and bumps, particularly my tummy and love handles blush
I don't want to feel uncomfortably restricted but do want to look my best. I can wear a normal bra underneath.
Thank you smile

PosiePootlePerkins Tue 22-Nov-16 14:23:55

I don't think that link worked but here is a picture of it hanging up in the changing room!

idontlikealdi Tue 22-Nov-16 14:25:28

Maidenform do a great kind of Spanx thing that you wear with your own bra, very comfy and. Not too restrictive. You do need to wee through the hole though unless you want to take the whole lot off.

Otherwise M&S do smoothing slips that you can also wear your own bra with but they have less control IMO.

PosiePootlePerkins Tue 22-Nov-16 14:37:29

Thank you I will take a look, not heard of that brand. Lol at weeing through hole, success will depend on how much I've had to drink!grin

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