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I need some hair inspiration please

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Thurlow Tue 22-Nov-16 12:01:07

My hair is driving me bonkers.

It's shoulder length with a fringe. It's quite thick and tends to flick out at the ends, and doesn't sit straight unless it's straightened to high heaven. Every time I go to the hairdressers we go through phases of cutting layers in and then growing them out, and neither looks great.

What I WANT is my old haircut, a nice short bob with a fringe that was easy to care for and stayed pretty straight. However 5yo DD has the same hair as me and she has a little 20s style bob - so if I have that haircut we look like Me and Mini Me. And as it's such an easy hairstyle to manage on her, I don't really want to change hers.

What could I do? I want something easy that doesn't need washing and drying every day (have a small baby) but I'm out of ideas.

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