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Dress for a size 16 40 year old woman - where to look??

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AlphaVTango Mon 21-Nov-16 22:45:03

Suddenly dawned on me today that I'm going to a wedding next week. Having spent the evening trying on the dresses I do have (don't fit anymore after having 2 kids in quick succession) and trawling the Internet, I've realised I don't know where I should be shopping anymore. Everything seems too young or too old.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a dress I could wear? Would need to be able to be ordered online due to aforementioned kids. I'm 5ft 6, size 16 with a mum tum that will need hiding. Would also prefer some kind of sleeve.

Colby43443 Mon 21-Nov-16 22:46:50

If you have a tummy then definitely monsoon. They have some gorgeous dresses.

SesameSparkle Tue 22-Nov-16 00:01:37

Phase 8 is generally good for arm covering dresses that flatter curves - look out for a bit of ruching around your middle. And John Lewis stock them too, so if you have a local waitrose you could order an armful of dresses via free next day click and collect, and the returns policy is pretty generous so you can just send back when you've got time.

salsamad Tue 22-Nov-16 00:21:34

Coast (via Internet or concessions in department stores like a Debenhams) are lovely, they are well cut and flattering and they have 40% off at the moment.

PenguinsandPebbles Tue 22-Nov-16 00:27:21

Second monsoon - although I either love everything and can't decide or hate everything.

Phase 8, I find a bit hit and miss. I'm really tall though and sometimes find the cut a bit off, so I think it's more me than them smile but I have some gorgeous dresses from there, I'm lucky to have one near me but most Debenhams have a decent selection.

Excited about the 40% off smile I don't have a wedding but could do with some retail therapy - thank you for this

salsamad Tue 22-Nov-16 00:31:37

How about this one, not too fitted or too short, lovely colour.

AlphaVTango Tue 22-Nov-16 08:26:07

Thanks! For some reason I didn't even think of Monsoon or Coast, will definitely have a look at Debehams now. And great tip about John Lewis and Waitrose - I'd forgotten they do that.
Never looked in Phase 8 so will have a look there too.

Borisrules Tue 22-Nov-16 12:05:10

Phase eight deffo! I have had some fab stuff from there. You need to try on stuff though. It can look weird on the hanger....
Can we see what you end up with?

Blanky Tue 22-Nov-16 14:04:13

I'm almost exactly the same size as you and bought the whistles scarlet embellished dress for a wedding recently. It looks better on than in the pictures and I will be able to wear it again with tights and boots for more casual evenings. I also tried the coast Hermione dress which was almost perfect and might be worth a try - (was just a little oddly fitting on my hips). I wore the whistles dress with blue t bar sandals reduced in Debenhams and got lots of compliments.

AlphaVTango Tue 22-Nov-16 15:55:42

Thanks for all the replies. I really like the Coast Hermione dress, love the colour too. I've ordered a couple of dresses from Phase Eight. Having never tried their dresses before I don't know what the fit will be like but fingers crossed!
I'll try to remember to update with what I choose smile

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