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What colour to wear with this dress?

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Ezzie29 Sun 20-Nov-16 15:41:38

I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and wearing this dress. I'm wearing a black lace shrug over it as it gapes a bit at the side (but fits everywhere else, it's so annoying - dresses that show off my bra at the side are the bane of my life) but I will also have a more substantial shrug / cardigan which I thought I would probably match to my bag and shoes. Now with this dress being just grey and black I would have thought pretty much any colour would go but I am awful with colours, I literally cannot tell at all when stuff goes together so I thought I would get some opinions. Also what sort of style shoes and bag would look good but as I have really awkwardly sized feet I probably will just have to wear basic heels.

Ratsapholian Sun 20-Nov-16 15:43:08

I would just wear black heels and a black clutch maybe with some sort of silver pattern or a silver clutch with silver earrings

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