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Skin problems - man

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NomenOmen Sun 20-Nov-16 10:33:14

A friend of mine (29) confided in me that he is feeling unhappy and unconfident because he has spotty skin. He eats well, drinks plenty of water, doesn't smoke or do drugs, and drinks maybe once or twice a week (and not heavily). However, he works out intensely at least 3 times a week (weightlifting) and I suspect that the combination of heavy sweating and (I assume) the hormonal effects of weight training cause his skin to breakout. He assures me he doesn't take steroids (and I believe him since although he is very muscly, he doesn't have that "look"), so it's not that.

Does anyone have any advice about what kinds of products he could use to cleanse and maintain his skin? He uses very harsh astringent products (I've told him to stop this as it's counter-productive), probably because he's still in teenage boy skincare mode. I can't recommend anything I use as I'm very lucky to have good skin which remains the same regardless of what kinds of product I cleanse or moisturise with. I'd be very grateful for some suggestions for products in the £5-15 range, if possible.

TIA. smile

hairymuffet Sun 20-Nov-16 15:45:40

My husband is 57 and still uses clearsasil face wash !

leaveittothediva Sun 20-Nov-16 15:52:13

All I can say is if he is feeling unhappy about it. He needs to see his GP and get referred to a dermatologist. Then he will be a least given a regime to suit his skin type and condition and also he may be offered light therapy which may help him further.

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