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Work tote big enough for laptop

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Gillybobs Sun 20-Nov-16 00:06:39

I know this has been discussed before, can anyone help me with suggestions for a stylish leather work tote that's big enough for a laptop...I really don't want to carry two bags...budget up to about £ 150ish

starsinyourpies Sun 20-Nov-16 06:29:33

Check out Knomo, they have ones specifically designed for carrying laptops so won't break under the strain but are also nice.

starsinyourpies Sun 20-Nov-16 06:31:40

This kind of thing (although this one is over budget)

Gillybobs Sun 20-Nov-16 09:21:05

They look ideal, a little over budget but I guess they may go into sale after Christmas, thanks for that.

Any other ideas?

blodynmawr Sun 20-Nov-16 09:55:18

Hobbs? or Boden? or Budget busting Liberty?

Gillybobs Sun 20-Nov-16 10:56:44

Hobbs is a great shout, love them

Gillybobs Sun 20-Nov-16 15:40:20

Any other ideas?

GinjoJongo Sun 20-Nov-16 20:48:50

Dune. I have one like this which fits my large laptop in.

GinjoJongo Sun 20-Nov-16 20:50:00

It's not leather though, but a fairly inoffensive pleather

HalfACentury Tue 22-Nov-16 01:12:27

I have this one which fits my laptop and I love but I carry it a bit carefully when it's inside as the straps are only a single strip of leather and I worry that they will snap or even just stretch
Perhaps your laptop isn't as heavy as mine.

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