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Please help me find a nice going out top

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MrsDesperado Sat 19-Nov-16 18:29:33

Had some great help here to find me my wedding dress, now I'm after a nice top to wear on my work Christmas Day/night out - not as exciting but as I hardly go out its a big deal to me and I'd really like to look nice for once!

I'm 5'4 with good arms and legs but biggish boobs and a horribly big tummy - I'm very conscious of this and have a good 1.5 stone to lose just from there alone (work in progress). In my head id like to wear a nice sleeveless top with skinny/slim black trousers and heels, in reality I might look a tad muffiny! Alternative to black trousers i could wear a ruched skirt and tights with something other than the baggy jumper I usually wear!

Can anyone help me find something flattering, please? It can't be black (navy suits me so much better) and definitely under £100, even better if it was under £50. Thank you!

MrsDesperado Sat 19-Nov-16 20:20:26

Over budget but what do you think of this? I wasn't sure if it'd create too much volume and not actually disguise my tummy.

JamieVardysParty Sun 20-Nov-16 17:16:26

I carry my weight on my boobs and stomach, and I think that that top would just hang out from over my boobs and then looks like it would highlight my muffin top.

I find silk shirts really flattering. I have a short torso, so need something that hits below my hips rather than above, so my suggestions may not work for you if you're not the same.

navy silk

LOVE this as a real Christmassy top.

I have a top similar to this which I find really flattering. It kind of skims my shape without being clingy - makes me look like I have a waist without clinging to my belly.

Not sure on this one for you - for me, the biggest bit of my belly is below my belly button, so something like this is really flattering as it shows off the waist but hides the belly. It might not work for you if you carry your weight differently. If you think it might work, they do have other colours which aren't black including an awesome orangey colour.

PussyPatches Tue 22-Nov-16 01:26:46

SilkFred have lots of nice going out tops. You have to scroll through quite a lot of big, square ones though

MandyFl0ss Tue 22-Nov-16 06:28:46

How about this one?

MrsSparkles Tue 22-Nov-16 06:50:57

John lewis party wear has some really nice tops.

ihatethecold Tue 22-Nov-16 06:58:31

I bought this too from mango recently.
I'm a 12 and have 32f boobs.
It's plain but hangs nice and is shiny.

MrsDesperado Thu 24-Nov-16 11:52:40

Thanks for all your suggestions!

I've just ordered the Coast Adrianna top that Mandy linked too - fingers crossed!

At work at moment so unfortunately can't trawl through the JL party wear section just now Mrs but I've had a sneak peak and it looks good - thanks for the tip. (Looking forward to doing this tonight.)

Just to find some flattering black trousers to go with it now (assuming it looks good on) if anyone can recommend any..?

PussyPatches Thu 24-Nov-16 12:54:20

I hope the top is good.
They had some v similar in Oasis but the prices are comparible now that one is in the sale.

Can't really help with trousers. I always find that tricky and, consequently, live in dresses.

MrsDesperado Thu 24-Nov-16 21:18:58

Me too Pussy blush but I'm a big worried now that the coast one is going to be too long on me...I think a top that ends at my hip bones (like the one ihate linked to) might be more flattering if I can get some high waisted trousers/jeans that hold me in and don't leave muffinage??
I'm going to have to go to the shops, aren't I? (I really hate shopping!)

nilbyname Thu 24-Nov-16 21:21:00

I want this too so badly, tired it ontoday and it is super flattering. Slim fitting, light gauge material.

From next

ihatethecold Thu 24-Nov-16 21:38:50

Ooohhh. That's really nice nilbyname

MrsDesperado Wed 30-Nov-16 14:56:17

Gah so the coast top was not only too long but pretty massive on me too - I ordered both a 10 and an 8 to try thinking the 8 would be wishful thinking but it really swamped me. Not the sleek lean look I'm after!

So now back to square one. Has anyone bought anything nice recently? Preferably at or above hip bone length?

BigusBumus Wed 30-Nov-16 15:44:27

How about these:

ASOS cheap!!

ASOS £14

ASOS £7!!

ASOS £40

Phase 8 £69

Mint Velvet £69

Mint Velvet £99

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