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Recycling clothes (textiles)

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cardboardPeony Sat 19-Nov-16 16:14:01

If your clothes are old/ too poor shape to charity shop do you recycle or bin them?

Also I have a few pairs of uggs that one side has split/ worn out, is there any use for them or can I recycle/bin them?

WoodsTreesWhere Sat 19-Nov-16 16:24:22

I give everything (wash / clean it first) to charity shops or those charity bins.

Even things like pants or very worn things including socks, as they sell them for things like car seat fillings or for burning for fuel. On most charity's website they confirm that everything is sold or recycled.

Much better than putting it in the bin! If shoes are very worn rather than very smelly and completely broken I include them too. The worst go to the bin.

FrustratedFrugal Sat 19-Nov-16 18:05:53

H&M takes clothes back (also other than what they sell) - worth checking whether your local vranch does this?

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