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Does this look like a legitimate website?

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DottieDoLittle Fri 18-Nov-16 20:34:53


There's a Hobbs coat that I've wanted for ages but too £££ and it's heavily discounted here.

Just wondering why!

fiorentina Fri 18-Nov-16 20:37:18

It looks dodgy with bad spelling, strange URL etc etc.

BratFarrarsPony Fri 18-Nov-16 20:37:30

it is a strange website address for a clothes site isnt it?

Hassled Fri 18-Nov-16 20:39:36

I can't see a phone number or a postal address anywhere on the site which is apparently code for dodgy as hell. They really are suspiciously cheap. Shipping is by "air express" so not UK.

Judydreamsofhorses Fri 18-Nov-16 20:40:17


DottieDoLittle Fri 18-Nov-16 20:40:27

Avoid then?

BratFarrarsPony Fri 18-Nov-16 20:40:40

yes there is no address and no phone number.
I do not like the look of it personally.

Hassled Fri 18-Nov-16 20:41:35

I suppose if you don't really mind that your Hobbs coat is a fake then it's fine. But you have no way of knowing how good/bad quality the fake will be.

DottieDoLittle Fri 18-Nov-16 20:41:47

I was after this beauty


DottieDoLittle Fri 18-Nov-16 20:42:39

I would never knowingly buy a fake.

handslikecowstits Fri 18-Nov-16 20:48:09

read this op:

jbee664 Fri 18-Nov-16 20:51:18

I nearly got caught out on one of these sites recently when looking for a coast dress. The no contact details and weird website spelt dodgy to me!

BikeRunSki Fri 18-Nov-16 20:57:00

Why would a legit fashion website be called JJ Metal Processing?

There was a similar post a few weeks ago about a Website that sounded like it should be a school, that did a good line in half price Jigsaw. An MNer had ordered about £250 worth of stuff, but had not received anything.

BratFarrarsPony Fri 18-Nov-16 21:02:47

and also the FAQs page looks proper dodgy.

BratFarrarsPony Fri 18-Nov-16 21:03:17

...and the shipping page..

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