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Oil free SPF 30 + products and chemical peel advice !

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user1479488496 Fri 18-Nov-16 17:27:23

Hi all

I'm just about to start Retin A 0.025 in the evening, gradually building up to daily use. I intend to do this as preparation for a chemical peel around 12th December, but right now I am about to use Naturally Radiant from Superdrug, it's the Glycolic overnight peel and I need a bit more information before I plaster it on !

Does anyone know the percentage strength of the solution, useful to know prior to my 10 - 15% peel next month ?

Secondly, what SPF protection would anyone recommend after both the evening over the counter chemical peel from Superdrug, and the 10 - 15% peel next month.

I am having great difficulty finding an oil free SPF 45 + for the main peel next month, even the SPF 30 are thin on the ground. Recommendations would be great !

Lastly (you should charge per question), how important is adding vitamin C into my anti-ageing battleplan. I am nearly 30 so trying to be proactive, I obviously, scrub, moisturise, use toner and masks already.

Many thanks in advance !

jesterkat Fri 18-Nov-16 17:34:29

Heliocare gel is factor 50 I had it after a peel.

JohnCheese Fri 18-Nov-16 18:23:06

You say you're using Retin A as preparation for a chemical peel. Is it a professional glycolic peel? Retin A won't prepare your skin for a glycolic peel. It will make your skin more reactive.

I don't know about the Naturally Radiant stuff. If it is 10-15% glycolic, at a proper pH, then it's fairly strong, and with Retin A would be quite a cocktail to throw at your face. Never mind extra Vit C. You are only 30. Daily SPF is the best long term wrinkle preventer ever. If I were you, a little Retin A a few times a week and daily SPF would be my routine. Glycolic facial if you want a boost.

I use this Neostrata SPF and really like it. I think it's oil free.

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