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Socks for 'larger' feet

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SunnySideDownUp Fri 18-Nov-16 16:00:00

My feet are only a size 8, but I struggle to find socks that actually fit properly.

I like my socks to have patterns etc, so I don't really want to wear men's socks.

Why is it they men's socks come in a variety of sizes, but women's are just 'one size'?!

Any suggestions on where to buy socks for slightly bigger feet?

IvyWall Fri 18-Nov-16 16:05:58

M&S have started to do women's socks in two sizes

But having said that, next men's socks come in a huge range of colours and patterns

TheBitterBoy Fri 18-Nov-16 16:08:21

I don't know how much choice they have but Evans do a size 8-11.
I am a size 8 and have not had a problem with socks in years. The standard size range used to be 3-7, but I've noticed most seem to be 3 or 4-8 now. Where are you buying your socks? Most of mine are from Boots, M&S or John Lewis and they all fit well.

PicInAttic Fri 18-Nov-16 16:53:29

'Yours' Clothing do larger sized women's socks - patterns, colours, animal prints etc - in packs of 3 for about a fiver. I have size 8 fat feet and they're plenty big enough.

SunnySideDownUp Fri 18-Nov-16 17:21:11

I'll try m&s. I was in next earlier and wasn't taken by any of the patterns on the men's socks. I like cutesy ones I'm afraid!

bitterboy john lewis and next have been my go to up to now. But just not long enough for my feet sad I'm fed up with the heel being 2/3 down my soles.

.I'll have a look at Yours, never heard of them smile

specialsubject Fri 18-Nov-16 17:31:28

Practicality over 'style' seems the way forward. Who sees your socks anyway?

As always, buy the stuff aimed at men. Better and cheaper.

SunnySideDownUp Fri 18-Nov-16 17:49:00

But why should I have to choose practicality over style? Size 8 isn't that big!

And I see a lot of my socks around the house, in the washing pile, when I take shoes off at friends' houses... I like to wear ones that are visually appealing.

Crispsheets Fri 18-Nov-16 17:51:14

Try being a size 9
# bitter

AllTheBabies Fri 18-Nov-16 17:55:31

H&m do their ladies socks in two sizes. The larger ones are I'm a size 8 and they fit me really well. They last well too, I've had some of them for years. I think the size says 6-7.5 but they are definitely big enough for an 8.

AllTheBabies Fri 18-Nov-16 17:56:12

Sorry, that doesn't make much sense. You get the drift though!

SooBee61 Fri 18-Nov-16 18:15:37

I am size 8 and find M&S ladies fit me OK. But they're much poorer quality than the men's socks. They can shrink in the wash and seem really thin. I buy M&S men's 8-9-1/2 if I want thermals!

TheBitterBoy Fri 18-Nov-16 18:38:39

I would say off all my socks the ones I have from Boots are my favourites, especially the bamboo ones. They seem to fit just right.

FrustratedFrugal Fri 18-Nov-16 18:45:34

I'm size 8 and am in love with black merino unisex socks from the outdoor store. EU Size 39-42. I'm in Scandinavia, many women around here are tall and women's socks are often offered in multiple sizes. Plus a lot of men I know wear bright socks these days so unisex offerings are improving!

Passthecake30 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:27:48

I'm a 6.5 and wear men's socks, size 6-8.5

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 18-Nov-16 21:38:02

I'm a size 8 and wear men's socks. Currently wearing some scandi patterned boot socks from Matalan which definitely aren't plain and boring!

idontlikealdi Fri 18-Nov-16 21:39:55

I'm size 8 and have never had a problem with M&S socks, bought a pack the other day with Christmassy foxes on them.

CallarMorvern Fri 18-Nov-16 21:42:00

I'm a 9 and have some women's Jeep ones from TKMaxx, they are cream, cabled and fluffy. I've also got hand dyed mohair ones from craft markets. There are also Ebay sellers who hand knit socks. Haven't seen any cutesy big socks though, but I'm not really into that. Long Tall Sally might be worth a look?

KateInKorea Fri 18-Nov-16 21:42:15

I am a size nine, if you want patterned socks I suggest knitting the yourself. Hand knitted socks are fab.

Jenijena Fri 18-Nov-16 21:42:32

I'm a size 8 (at least in socks) and wear next socks quite a bit. Bought a set with different fruit on the other week - they're lovely.

ThornyBird Fri 18-Nov-16 21:42:55

I hear you crisp

#sharing your pain

metoo22 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:47:53

Happy Socks
come in two sizes

Hoviscats Fri 18-Nov-16 21:52:13

I came in to say that m&s are now doing two sizes but see I have been beaten to it!

Bought some the other day (am also a size 8) and they are a revelation!

camelfinger Fri 18-Nov-16 21:53:39

My feet are only a (wide) 6 but I love the roominess of men's socks. I reckon a women's 4-8 is about a 5.

SunnySideDownUp Fri 18-Nov-16 21:59:59

Hand knitting my own socks would result in disaster, I am shockingly awful at knitting!

For some crazy reason long tall sally don't sell socks!

I'm going to try m&s then. I haven't bought any from there since last winter when it was just one size.

LottieDoubtie Fri 18-Nov-16 22:20:13

Thanks for the thread OP, just treated myself to new m&s socks- new sizing might just stop me nicking DHs socks- about time too! (From m&s I mean!)

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