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Please get me out of my jeans...

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SuseB Thu 17-Nov-16 15:08:24

I wear jeans ALL THE TIME. Work from home, do school run 2x per day. Not much of a skirt/dress wearer, though do have a few. What can I wear instead of jeans? I fancy leggings/jeggings but not sure how to wear them as I don't have many long tops - am very petite at 5ft 1in and a size 6-8 and can't wear anything that drowns me or looks shapeless. Could I wear leggings, plus t-shirt, plus hoodie or is covering your bum a must? I am not very fashion conscious and go for fairly plain straightforward options - and want stuff that will go with very practical shoes for walking/being outside (trainers/boots). Any/all advice welcome!

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