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Post-BF underwear

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TronaldDump Thu 17-Nov-16 11:21:11

I'm coming to the end of breastfeeding my last child. Over the last 4 years I've tended to live in sleep bras which have lost all shape and support. My boobs are deflating at a rate of knots and will soon resemble empty socks. I really can't keep chucking on the same tired bras I've been wearing since I was pregnant!

I'be not really worn my pre-pregnancy bras since I was pregnant with DC1 and I never found bras that comfy anyway. I really need to start from scratch.

Can anyone just hold my hand and talk me through what I need to so as though I were an idiot? Do I do this new 'measure yourself' thing? Or can I go and get measured at a shop still? Do I really need to go for underwired bras again or do they do nice non-wired bras now? I was a 34B before I had kids and have never been a big fan of bras - any suggestions for good options for me please?!

taybert Thu 17-Nov-16 12:19:36

I'd go and get fitted somewhere good like John Lewis so you can try loads on and make sure they fit well. I used to wear plunge styles but they don't work any more so have balconette and half cup styles now that are loads better. Things are pretty different but in a good bra they don't look it. I would go for underwires- shouldn't be uncomfortable if they fit properly.

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