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Plain T shirts in winter colours??

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CorrieDale Thu 17-Nov-16 08:06:20

Anyone know any place that is selling them? Preferably v neck or scoop neck. Long or short sleeves are fine. I'd rather not spend a fortune but since I get a lot of wear out of them, I'm prepared to invest! The only plain tees I've been able to find are in sludgy colours that will make me look like nothing on earth!

SoMuchToBits Thu 17-Nov-16 08:13:54

Kettlewell do lots of lovely colours in their tops. They aren't cheap, but they do wash and wear well. I have several of their cotton/modal mix tops, mainly v neck or scoop neck ones.

As well as basic neutral colours like navy/black/white, I have some in some lovely bright colours, such as Breton blue, hot pink, raspberry, Chinese blue etc.

NicknameUsed Thu 17-Nov-16 08:14:25

It depends on what you class as winter colours. I like these in H and M.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 17-Nov-16 08:33:04

Landsend usually has lots of colours in various styles of plain T. I like them because they do petite sizes and the quality of the supima ones is good.

whiteonesugar Thu 17-Nov-16 09:34:48

I found some in Primark. They wash well, long sleeves, roll neck, crew neck and scoop. I got a teal, jewel purple and they have green and black / brown/ blue as well. About £3!

FiddleFigs Thu 17-Nov-16 11:46:16

Uniqlo Supima cotton tshirts (short and long sleeved) are great - they wash and tumble dry well and and are perfect for layering. They are available in autumnal colours - not a massive range though, and more on the dull end of the spectrum (no jewel colours) - more earthy and neutral.

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