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Dress help!

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ZikreetDreaming Wed 16-Nov-16 19:23:16

I would really appreciate help choosing a dress (well actually two dresses) as I am entirely clueless at the moment. I have two weddings coming up in December (the same weekend) and need a dress for each wedding, ideally ones that don't make me look like a whale!

Figure-wise I'm short (5ft3), very top heavy (34 JJ) and carrying quite a bit of weight on my tummy. Google is telling me I'm a 'goblet' shape but I'd normally say apple. I've lost quite a bit of weight recently but still probably a size 12 bottom half and size 16 top half.

Complicating factor - I need to order from a site that will deliver to the UAE smile

Any thoughts appreciated.

MrsLettuce Wed 16-Nov-16 19:57:54

This place is probably worth a look, they do deliver to UAE.

PussyPatches Thu 17-Nov-16 01:24:36

John Lewis deliver to UAE

How about separates rather than a dress? This Précis Petite skirt looks great.

What the budget? What sort of colours do you suit?

ZikreetDreaming Thu 17-Nov-16 05:19:15

PussyPathces Happy with separates and I love that skirt but what would I wear with it? Told you I was clueless.

I tend to wear wintery colours, pastels aren't great. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale(ish) skin. I'd like to avoid black (which seems to be massively restricting my options!).

Budget wise my main concern is the fact that it won't be that easy for me to return if it doesn't fit right. Budget isn't that restrictive but preferably not more than a couple of hundred. Willing to pay more for the right dress though. I've got a role in one wedding and the other involves lots of people I haven't seen since university so would like to avoid looking like a frump!

Thanks for the link MrsLettuce. A lot's sold out on there sadly. I quite like this one but I'm worried it will wash me out.

Or this maybe?

Thanks smile

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:23:48

I love the look of this green M&S dress

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:25:33

Do you have shoes / other accessories already?

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:26:16

And do you want sleeves / some other kind of cover up?

DianaT1969 Thu 17-Nov-16 05:42:00

If you are in the UAE I would go to a tailor and have something made to fit. It will be tricky to get a dress which fits a 12 on the bottom and 16 on top. Bring existing garments that you like, or some photos websites.
Alternatively, only look at skirts and tops, or possibly jumpsuits with kimono style tops.

ZikreetDreaming Thu 17-Nov-16 05:43:27

I'll probably need to get shoes but shoes don't tend to pose an issue for me and lots of options here once I know re outfits. I will need some sort of coverup. Weddings in UK, I'm not used to the cold!

That green dress is lovely too but I'm not sure whether the neckline will work. I might see if they have in the local M&S.

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:47:33

this black and copper dress is stunning

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:50:03

Red Jaegar

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:53:08


OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:56:10

Silver skirt

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:57:31

Pleated skirt

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:58:26

Jacquard skirt

OlennasWimple Thu 17-Nov-16 05:59:45

LK Bennett skirt

ZikreetDreaming Thu 17-Nov-16 06:03:01

Wow thanks. Will have a proper look later. Is the consensus that you can get away with a slash neckline with a big chest? I've always stayed away from them.

ZikreetDreaming Thu 17-Nov-16 17:15:00

Right went to try on some dresses (none of the suggestions actually available) and have come home with this: which seems to look quite nice (and DH was on orders to tell me if I looked frumpy).

I am in love with the Red Jaegar dress posted above but I'm worried about the neckline and fit. I may take the plunge and order it with the idea I may have to get it taken in on the bottom half.

princessconsuelabannahammock Thu 17-Nov-16 19:06:46

I LOVE LOVE the black and Cooper dress. I am very busty and wouldn't wear the red but it is a lovely dress. Let us know what you pick.

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