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Help me find a dress

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oldbirdtree Tue 15-Nov-16 07:34:19

I was passing through a university they other day and I saw 2 girls both wearing the same dress in different colours.
I had looked at every website I can think of : phase 8, oasis, warehouse, Karen millen, Asos etc.

I wonder does this description ring a bell with anyone: midi length, full skirt, sweetheart/boobtubs style neckline with lace shoulders and embroidery of flowers (or something big and round ) on lower half of the lace where it joined neckline. I think the dress was a satiny material. I thought it was
Lovely and would love it for my Xmas party.

Failing that has anyone seen nice good quality midi skirts and an over top anywhere? I love the coast look but can't afford it.

Tia smile

oldbirdtree Tue 15-Nov-16 10:14:08

Hopeful bump

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