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Knee High Boots

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CatsRule Mon 14-Nov-16 21:57:26

Would anyone have any idea where I can find knee high boots with functional laces that don't look like biker boots or doc martens? I'd prefer a low ish heel too or flat but feminine looking. Do these exist?

Thingsthatmakeugoummmm Tue 15-Nov-16 06:33:56

Following as this is what I want?! 😀

BigginsforPope Tue 15-Nov-16 19:57:32

I have these in black. They are not quite knee high though. They are fur lined, waterproof and my pair are still going strong after five years wear.

BigginsforPope Tue 15-Nov-16 20:00:56

Sadly I can't find the previous pair for sale anywhere. I have found these though.

PussyPatches Wed 16-Nov-16 12:17:41

I think they're quite hard to find

Nice but has zip

CatsRule Wed 16-Nov-16 22:09:44

Thank you, I'll have a look at these

Jeffjefftyjeff Wed 16-Nov-16 22:15:07

Maybe these : ?

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