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What's Hobbs sizing like?

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Trickymoments Mon 14-Nov-16 19:47:36

I'm looking at Hobbs on ebay but not sure what they're sizing is like.

I'm a 12, pear shaped 5'3". Are the clothes true to size? Thanks

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 14-Nov-16 19:50:26

Huge. I am usually a 10/12 but have stuff from there in size 8 which is perfect.

ontherightpath Mon 14-Nov-16 20:10:43

I'm 5'6", 28" waist, 39" hips, size 10 dresses & skirts fit with plenty of room so I would say their sizing comes up large.

crystalgall Mon 14-Nov-16 20:12:49

Oh I just got a dress from there for the first time online. I'm a bust 36/waist 31/hips 40 and the 12 was massive especially on the bust which I found most surprising. Have now ordered a size 10 and wait to see how that fits. I'm normally a size 12 everywhere else.

Smellyrose Mon 14-Nov-16 20:13:56

I'm a pear and the fit is fantastic around the waist and hips. I'd say a 12 fits a 12/14, go for 10 if you're more of a 10/12.

crystalgall Thu 17-Nov-16 18:42:59

Well I bought the 10 which is snug. So 12 too big, 10 too small. sad

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