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Frumpy mum heading for a fashion party

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sergeantmajor Mon 14-Nov-16 19:41:41

I'm going to two parties next week for work, mixing with the high fashion crew, i.e. proper designers and fashion journos.
I work from home, so I mostly wear scruffy casual stuff, and I don't really have a good eye for what looks current.
I'm planning on wearing a black jersey dress from Whistles, plain but flattering, with sparkly black ankle boots and probably semi-opaque tights.
Will that pass?
And are there any accessories I could add to make me look cutting edge?
I'm mid 40s, size 8, shortish, if that helps.
(I am planning to repeat the same outfit for the second party, hopefully won't see the same people there!).

SaltyBitch Mon 14-Nov-16 19:43:12

Style is rarely about the clothes, and more about how you style them.

Make sure you look very put together. Do your hair very well and wear good makeup.

You don't want to look cutting edge - if you don't usually do this, you look uncomfy and like you're trying to hard. You want to look classic and polished.

sergeantmajor Tue 15-Nov-16 11:25:35

Good advice Salty, thank you! flowers

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