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Memory foam ballet flats - My feet are in Heaven

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ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 14-Nov-16 18:41:49

I just bought these memory foam ballet flats from Next today and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I feel like I am walking around in slippers. I find most ballet style shoes difficult to wear because they fall off my feet but the elastic part on these helps. I'm considering going back and buying them in every colour (well maybe not the glittery version because I don't to glitter). Unfortunately some sizes are sold out online but they had loads on the shop floor.

Just thought I would share incase (encase? - sorry this is one grammar rule that has always confused me) anyone was looking for some inexpensive comfy flats.

LIZS Mon 14-Nov-16 18:46:20

Are they slippers or shoes?

ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 14-Nov-16 18:52:12

They are shoes. They were with the shoes rather than the slippers in store but I suppose they could pass for slippers. They do have a proper sole to wear outside. I think they look slippery in the photo because they are fake suede.

ThanksForAllTheFish Mon 14-Nov-16 18:54:22

Just double checked the website and they are listed in the shoes section rather than the slipper section.

TheCraicDealer Mon 14-Nov-16 18:57:23

I have fold up ballet pumps from Butterfly Twists and they're all memory foam soles.

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