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Have your Boden clothes ever looked worn when you get them?

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ilovecherries Mon 14-Nov-16 14:29:13

I've bought a lot from Boden over the last few months, without any issue. Last week I had three cashmere cardigans - two were perfect, one still had its button tag, looked fine in package, but looked bobbly and fuzzy as if it had been worn. Sent it back, no problem. However today I got a dress - same issue. Looked fine in packaging, still had the button tag, but when I took it out - some bobbling over the bust and under the arms, and slightly 'seated' on the bum. Also had a slight smell of perfume round the neck and cuffs. I will of course send it back, and given Boden's return policy, I know it will be refunded. But two items in a week makes me concerned they will think it's me wearing them then returning. Anyone else had this?

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