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Cheap dress rings

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PhyllisWig Sun 13-Nov-16 09:47:10


Following fairly major weightloss I need to get my wedding and e rings resized. However I want to make sure my weight stabilises before I do so (fairly cheap rings, v thin shanks, only want to change once).

In the meantime I want a ring on my ring finger as I really miss wearing them. DH is therefore going to get me something cheap for Christmas.

It has to be gold rather than silver although at less than 30 quid, gold plated obviously! Quite delicate. I'd like a stone or stones. Don't want anything that looks like an e ring (i.e. Single cubic zirconia) but wouldn't mind something that looks like an eternity ring.

I really like Monica virander style stuff but that's out of budget for this really - I am looking max £50. I have seen a couple in the z for accesorize range which I'll put on the list. Can anyone suggest good places to browse.

coffeecakemum Sun 13-Nov-16 10:22:12

Check out simply silver ones in Debenhams. They had a sale yesterday.

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