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Has anyone seen a beautiful evening jumper in gold ( or silver ) ??

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ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:11:29

At a staff party last year a friend wore a really lovely metallic bat wing Gold coloured jumper - it was metallic and very very flattering to the skin tone . I think that she said it was either from Great Plains or phase eight .
I cannot find one anywhere and wonder if anyone has seen any please .
The one I'm thinking of was batwing with a 3/4 sleeve and it was fine knit .
I've looked on google , e bay etc to mo avail so far ! Thanks .

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:21:06

Like this??

PhilODox Sat 12-Nov-16 23:24:02

I have one from Planet, but it was two years ago I bought it.

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:24:45

Yes like that ! It's fab . It won't open tho to order it ... !

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:25:56

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:26:44

Sorry I didn't post the link I just took a screen shot to see if it was any good for you lol.

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:27:42

Lovely gold one also!!

Katymac Sat 12-Nov-16 23:29:58

these are in Wallis & I think there is a gold one in store but I can't see it on-line

Bumplovin Sat 12-Nov-16 23:31:03

Saw a lovely silver jumper in the White company today

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:41:47

Digestive !! I've ordered the silver one !!! Thanks so much it's just like the one I wanted !!!!!!!!

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:44:31

I'm glad I could help smile it's a beautiful jumper!!

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:45:13

It's fab thanks and I also gave dark sliver shoes !

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:45:45

Oo lovely combo!! Pants or skirt??

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:47:04

Think I may be treating myself to the gold one!! I love it a nice pair of black jeans or shiny leggings my Christmas Day outfit sorted smile would of never of looked if it wasn't for this thread so thanks haha

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:47:52

Katy I love the wallis onrs too !
Thanks all for the late night shopping help 😄

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:48:52

Digestive - there is a gold one ??? ! I also looked for gold ! Where is it pkease ? !

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:49:23

Check the link further down it's the new look one!

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:49:34

Pants - dark jeans I think ...!

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:51:34

Digestive - -ahh the new look one - I see !
Enjoy it !!!! 😄

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:52:37

Yes I agree Dark jeans would look great!! grin

ginorwine Sat 12-Nov-16 23:52:56

Right going to bed now before get too exited and spend more ££&£
Thanks all and sleep well ❤️

DigestiveMuncher Sat 12-Nov-16 23:53:29$ja=tsid:44970%7ccid:202496875%7cagid:10544769715%7ctid:pla-267984184295%7ccrid:159129644332%7cnw:g%7crnd:5659984485350428783%7cdvc:m%7cadp:1o2%7cmt:&pid=249586841

Another gold style.

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