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Budget Baukjen type jersey dresses?

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Malermalergoni Sat 12-Nov-16 19:55:54

I love the type of really simple, long sleeved, plain jersey dresses, as found in Baukjen, Sonnet James, etc. I think they're generally good value for money, but I'd like to have a stash of them as I seem to change outfits several times a day (messy job, messy toddler, trying to look presentable after travelling etc!)
I'm looking for the dress equivalent of the primark t-shirt iykwim, washable, hardwearing, indestructible, v cheap. Something to just throw on and feel comfy and finished. No, zips, pockets, tucks or embellishments, and nothing skatery at the bottom... More bodycon/tubey. No horizontal stripes (aaargh). Charcoal, navy, understated, flattering. Has anyone found the holy grail ??

RedWineLush Sat 12-Nov-16 20:35:29


cupofrooibos Sat 12-Nov-16 20:39:01

H&M stock a range of long sleeve mini dresses. Thick stretchy jersey in black, charcoal and navy (and sometimes emerald / maroon). I live in them.

Quodlibet Sat 12-Nov-16 20:39:02

I have an asos own brand one that's really good. It is striped though, but the jersey quality is really good. Asos is hit and miss I find but at least it's easy to return stuff.

Missanneshirley Sat 12-Nov-16 20:40:47

I got a great one in gap sale last year - it is striped but still v flattering- ticks all your boxes otherwise.
I always agonise over what to wear on my legs tho!

Missanneshirley Sat 12-Nov-16 20:41:48

The h&m ones look lovely but very tight!

cupofrooibos Sat 12-Nov-16 20:43:47

Miss they're pretty tight yeah - the stretch makes them comfy though. And at that price I don't mind sizing up 😊

cupofrooibos Sat 12-Nov-16 20:44:36

I wear them with thick black tights and black knee boots or doc martens Chelsea boots. It's my winter uniform!

Missanneshirley Sat 12-Nov-16 20:44:50

ink{\]]p} is similar to the gap one

Couflan Sat 12-Nov-16 20:45:22

In a similar vein, can someone recommend boots or winter shoes to go with such dresses. I have lots of these casual day dresses and love them, but I always end up putting my jeans on as my boots go better with jeans.
I have both flat ankle boots and knee high and both pairs look too wellie-ish. My dh said they look ridiculous and they kind of do. Too bulky at the end of my legs.
I'd like to wear my mid calf and over knee dresses with opaques or wool tights and black/brown boots. But just need the right boots!

Missanneshirley Sat 12-Nov-16 20:45:26

Oh bloody hell sorry. Clearly can't remember how to do links!

Couflan Sat 12-Nov-16 20:46:39

And Uniqlo had an amazing mid calf dress!

outofdepth Sat 12-Nov-16 20:55:28

Place mark

cupofrooibos Sat 12-Nov-16 21:25:59

Couflan maybe try these - the quality of the leather and the narrow foot makes them look dainty (as much as doc martens can, anyway!)

Malermalergoni Sat 12-Nov-16 21:28:17

Oh brilliant these are great suggestions. Good to hear about the asos quality, I'd wondered about that. The h&m one is the kind of thing, but I just wish it was a bit longer. Below the knee, ideally.
I'd forgotten about Uniqlo, but I do love their stuff.
I generally find that the longer length more forgiving (to my thighs)
But also seems to make choosing the shoes easier too. Any more?

Malermalergoni Sat 12-Nov-16 21:36:05

Yes Couflan, it's tricky re shoes.
Since I'm talking the ultimate in slouchy comfort, i go for soft leather boots that are knee high, or even long suede a la Vicky Beckham (no gap between bottom hem of dress and top of boot) . Sometimes a furry lined camper knee high boot for coziness, or a pointy flat. The trick is to keep the shoe simple too I think.

cupofrooibos Sat 12-Nov-16 21:44:21

Is this a touch too casual?

Malermalergoni Sat 12-Nov-16 21:51:21

Cupofrooibos, I love the shape. The viscose polyester mix is a bit of an off putter for me, but at that price I guess beggars can't be choosers smile. The shape is just the kind of thing though, great suggestion.

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 21:54:04

I've got 4 Baukjen dresses. 2 I bought this year and 2 a couple of years ago. Think I paid £25-£30 each for them so definitely look out for the Baukjen sale / clearance section of website.

I've got a couple of similar dresses from Reiss (both patterned) which were £30 each at the very end of sales.

I've also previously found this style in Phase 8 (again in the sale).

Just last week I bought two jersey dresses from Primark £6 each. Can't comment on quality yet. Obviously they're not thick jersey like Baukjen but they look ok for £6.

I live in this kind of dress as so easy to wear, wash, no ironing

Malermalergoni Sat 12-Nov-16 22:00:19

Yep that's exactly my reason too, Advice. I have four little ones to get out of the door on a morning. I just want to pull a dress on and go. If I have a wardrobe full of easy dresses ready to go on a Sunday, I feel I can tackle the week ahead smile

Malermalergoni Sat 12-Nov-16 22:01:24

And I love the jersey at phase 8, maybe wait til the Jan sales...

MassDebate Sun 13-Nov-16 08:01:25

I massively recommend the Jersey Dress Company (Ce Me London). I bought a dress from there last week and the quality is brilliant- thick jersey with just the right amount of stretch, it's incredibly flattering. There was 70% off everything when I bought so clearly they do some good offers too. They appear to have 71% off at the moment!

Malermalergoni Sun 13-Nov-16 08:34:14

MassDebate great recommendation, price wise, I'll check them out. All a bit ruchey though. I look dreadful in ruche styles, they just seem to make me look a bit fat and rumpy.

Malermalergoni Sun 13-Nov-16 08:38:18

See I do like this one, from the jersey dress co as recommended, but I fear the seams would make me look like a barrel? But this is the shapes like

Malermalergoni Sun 13-Nov-16 08:51:11

Shape I like

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