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What do you think of this dress?

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QueenoftheAndals Sat 12-Nov-16 17:50:18

I've been invited to an "80s Glam" party next weekend and have nothing to wear. I spotted this dress online but am wondering if it looks a bit cheap? I'm 5'9, size 10-12, good legs and decent boobs once they've been wrangled!

Dobinette Sat 12-Nov-16 18:11:09

That dress is lovely and with your figure you'd probably look a stunner in it. But I have seen it in the window displays of both New Looks near me and I'd worry that others at the party would wear the same.

How about sequins?

QueenoftheAndals Sat 12-Nov-16 18:14:43

I should probably add that I've just turned 40, but pass for early 30s on most days, or so friends and lovers tell me!

AndNowItsSeven Sat 12-Nov-16 18:15:59

Dress is lovely the model looks unwell though far too thin across her breastbone.

AndNowItsSeven Sat 12-Nov-16 18:17:13

And her bones jutting out, new look sensitive out a bad message as lots of teenagers shop there.

iwantavuvezela Sat 12-Nov-16 18:17:37

How about adding some 80's shoulder pads to it!

Oblomov16 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:20:04

I really like it. My only concern is that it is very low cut, so how would you wear a bra?

QueenoftheAndals Sat 12-Nov-16 18:24:45

I think I need to try it on first. I have a bit more frontage than the model!

LuckySantangelo1 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:26:00

You can get bras that sit really low and then tape it to the dress. Mine came from M&S.

Advice0nscarplease Sat 12-Nov-16 18:26:08

I think it's fun for a fancy dress party. Yes it does look a bit cheap but for a fancy dress party I wouldn't worry.
Oh and I think the model looks fab

NavyandWhite Sat 12-Nov-16 18:28:25

Sorry it's cheap looking. I don't like the front opening bit either. BUT if you like it and it's good for a fancy dress go for it?

LifeLong13 Sat 12-Nov-16 18:31:11

When I saw it in the shop it was super short! As in I'm 5ft 6 & it wouldn't cover my vag!

NavyandWhite Sat 12-Nov-16 18:32:09


A1Sharon Sat 12-Nov-16 18:46:38

Yes, it's pretty short and I'm 5'8", I don't think I could sit down in that!
I love an 80s party though, have fun!

brodchengretchen Sat 12-Nov-16 19:06:00

Yes, it looks a bit cheap, but the 80's were like that, I was there!
Team it with a blingy belt, back comb your hair, over-rouge your cheekbones in a dark colour and if you can find some conical heels you'll be a shoo in for first prize. Have enormous fun! Ooh, glitter dust on the cleavage and some YSL Opium too!

<goes off to wrangle boobs with DH>

CantChoose Sat 12-Nov-16 19:27:23

There was really similar one in Dorothy Perkins recently which looks like a smarter fabric but I can't see it on the website currently. Might be worth a look in store - though I think the one you posted looks pretty perfect for the party theme!

neveradullmoment99 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:01:31

Its horrible and cheap and looks like foil. With your figure you could do better.

QueenoftheAndals Sat 12-Nov-16 20:06:02

I quite liked this one too, guess I could add shoulder pads to 80s it up. I don't usually shop at New Look but I saw these in the window of one near my work.

DerelictMyBalls Sat 12-Nov-16 20:11:30

That gold dress is insanely gorgeous. I'd wear it if I had the figure.

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