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Black shoes

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hollyisalovelyname Sat 12-Nov-16 17:10:03

I'd like mid heel black shoes, dressyish.
Not flats nor too high unless with a platform.
Not too pointy.
Suede or leather.
Thank in advance

hollyisalovelyname Sun 13-Nov-16 10:53:09


hollyisalovelyname Mon 14-Nov-16 16:33:16


FeelingQuiteDisappointed Mon 14-Nov-16 16:35:07

Zara do good work shoes, what's your budget?

FeelingQuiteDisappointed Mon 14-Nov-16 16:36:43

Sorry, you didn't say work! New Look has lots of shoes like you describe and also sounds like a Hobbs/LK Bennett shoe but entirely depends on your budget

ThatsNotMyToddler Mon 14-Nov-16 16:56:44

leccybill Mon 14-Nov-16 17:03:59


I've got these and they are my go-to pair for literally any occasion. Work, nights out, funerals, you name it. Sooo comfy.

hollyisalovelyname Mon 14-Nov-16 23:54:52

Thank you.

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